Sunday, August 31, 2008

Penn State Football Season Kicks Off

I live for football season, so this is my favorite time of year! Penn State is my team. I played for Joepa back in the day when both of us were young. He preferred to recruit farm strong Pennsylvania boys like myself (with big guns). I miss those days in the spotlight of Beaver Stadium. I still get that urge to run out on the field in the midst of thousands of fans screaming my name... BIG MONKEY, BIG MONKEY!

I have a pretty awesome Penn State jacket. It's got real leather sleeves. Everyone wants one just like it, but it was custom made for me.

Now that I live in Florida, I watch football games at the Varsity Club, a sports bar in Clearwater. There's a big crowd from the Penn State Alumni Association - Suncoast Chapter that gathers here every Saturday in the fall. They wanted me to be President of our chapter, but it's too much work for a retired monkey. I would rather sit back and enjoy a few brews with my friends and yell at the t.v. My Nittany Lion friends, Joepa and I are enjoying the spectacular performance by our team today.
Touchdown! We got plenty of those today. The final score of the game was Penn State 66, Coastal Carolina 10. Let's hope we can keep that momentum going next week for Oregon State. WE ARE... PENN STATE!


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I'm gonna kick Big Blue Monkey's red heeled butt this year!