Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Interspecies Domination

My post today will provide a history of Karl's relationship with the sock monkeys in the house. Karl was adopted in November 1998, shortly after I moved to Florida. When Karl arrived, I was the existing animal in the house and he was the newcomer. To establish my dominance, I rode on Karl's back. From this point forward Karl knew that he must never lay a sharp claw upon me. This early lesson was imbedded in his cat brain for life. Do not mess with Big Monkey!

The same did not apply for any newcomer sock monkeys. Karl was the existing animal, and therefore he would establish his dominance. The picture below captures this perfectly. Laura brought a new sock monkey into the home which was nicely attired in Penn State clothing and pom poms. After the newly admired monkey was left unattended, he soon faced the wrath of Karl. The damage was done, and the feline beast with the glowing eyes behind the chair was savoring his victory.
I'm pleased to report that Karl is now much more tolerant and somewhat fond of the sock monkey family which has greatly expanded since the time this picture was captured. Karl is severely outnumbered now, and he is a decade older and lazier. The sock monkeys are now safe from feline assault. They also make an effort to be friendly to Karl by petting him and saying "nice kitty, nice kitty".

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