Saturday, March 20, 2010

Palm Harbor Citrus Festival - Part 1

I was kind of bummed out today because my Lucky Ones visitors returned to Oregon in their purple pod. To cheer me up, Laura took me to the Citrus Festival in downtown Palm Harbor. It was your basic small town carnival. The first thing I did was check out the games and prizes... SpongeBob Cool Pants!

This game looked simple enough. Throw a dart, pop a balloon, and win a prize.

Yay! I won a stuffed banana!

Oh man, look at those gigantic bananas! I wasn't allowed to spend the cash to win those babies.

Palm Harbor Citrus Festival - Part 2

What's even more fun than carnival games? How about the rides! I was impressed with the authenticity of this ride when some little green men scurried out of the spaceship.

This looked like a beary cool ride.

I was a little disappointed when I couldn't pop a wheelie on the carousel "hog."

I felt the need... the need for speed. Next I test drove some Nascars. First up was the M & M car. Too bad there weren't any candies stashed in the glove box.

I got all jacked up on Mountain Dew and practiced my burnouts on the track. Meanwhile, there was a different kind of burnout happening up the street.

Palm Harbor Citrus Festival - Part 3

In the middle of my Nascar race, all of the carnival workers in the general vicinity started yelling "Fire Fire!" and ran up the street. Of course my curiosity got the best of me, and I cautiously approached the recently extinguished inferno.

It's all fun and games at the carnival until someone sets a port-o-potty on fire.

I apologize for the awkward transition, but lunchtime was approaching. I evaluated my numerous options, starting with the Candy Factory.

I wasn't so sure about the elephant ears. There's something just plain wrong about eating another animal's ears.

The winner was... PIZZA! I'll take a whole pie, please!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lucky Ones Visit Wall Springs Park - Part 1

I took the Lucky Ones to my favorite local park. Miles was eager to climb the wall into Wall Springs Park.

The gang and I posed for this photo beneath the giant flagpole at the park's entrance.

We are definitely looking forward to an enhanced experience with some native fauna, but I can't promise that our park use will be passive.

The park's feature attraction is the spring. Swimming is not permitted, so we had to settle for viewing only.

Everyone wave to Laura!

The Lucky Ones Visit Wall Springs Park - Part 2

The park has a nice path for walking and cycling. I rode my hog (red trike) along the path with my passenger Socks.

I let Miles take my hog for a spin next. Being a natural athlete, Miles sped around the entire park at record pace and hardly broke a sweat. I think he might be the next Lance Sockstrong.

Miss Mollie watched with great interest and yearning as we left a trail of burned rubber around the park. After waiting patiently, Mollie finally got her turn to take this hog for a sweet ride.

Not surprisingly, our escapades attracted the attention of other park visitors. Our new friend Rick requested a group photo. He even asked me for my autograph, since I'm a weather watcher for our local NBC station.

After completing the Tour de Wall Springs via my hog, the three of us took a breather on a small pier to enjoy a view of the water. My "mini me" Little Big Monkey is sitting on my lap.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Miss Mollie's Bachelorette Party

While the boys were frolicking at Peggy O'Neill's last week during Miles' bachelor party, the girls were planning a bachelorette party for Miss Mollie. They ordered a luscious chocolate fudge cake topped with a juicy strawberry, and everyone chipped in for a gift. From left to right, the party guests included Miss Pearl, Chiquita, Miss Mollie, Scarlet (Gunther's main squeeze), Gorilla My Dreams, Sockette, and Princess Monkitha. The presents they selected for Miss Mollie were nestled inside of a festive sock monkey gift bag.

"Look! It's a pair of sock monkey salt and pepper shakers. They will be a great addition to my kitchen, ladies. Thanks a bunch!" Miss Mollie exclaimed.

Besides the shakers, Miss Mollie found a Magic 8 Ball inside of her gift bag.

She decided to ask the Magic 8 Ball a question. "Will Miles and I be happy forever?", Mollie questioned. The Magic 8 Ball's response was short and sweet - Looks Good!

After the gifts, it was time to enjoy some cake and ice cream. Sockette watched longingly as Miss Mollie was about to take her first bite. The girls had a lovely afternoon together. We boys were hoping for some leftover cake, but no such luck.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucky Ones at Honeymoon Island - Part 1

Last weekend I took the Lucky Ones to another fine tourist destination - Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida. The road that leads to the park is called the Dunedin Causeway. It is surrounded by water on both sides and provides a scenic view for passersby . Miss Mollie thought this sign was pretty, so I took a picture of her next to it.

We felt very welcome upon entering the park...

...until we saw this sign.

Then we made a beeline to the rattlesnake's primary hunting grounds - the nature trail.

After a rattlesnake-free hike, we took a break in the picnic area.

Lucky Ones at Honeymoon Island - Part 2

What would have made this shot even better? How about some picnic FOOD to go on our picnic table? I think my personal assistant was slacking. It's hard to hire good help these days.

It was time to head for our primary destination on Honeymoon Island - the beach, of course!

Miles came up with the brilliant idea to make sand angels!

Miss Mollie plopped down beside him and made her own.

I followed in suit. If only I had brought every sock monkey in the house, we could have made a trail of sand angels from one tip of the island to the other!

Lucky Ones at Honeymoon Island - Part 3

There are benches randomly placed along the entire stretch of Honeymoon Island's beach. I enjoyed the view from my perch atop this bench.

Miles and Miss Mollie found a bench of their own.

They were searching for dolphins and sharks, but didn't spot any.

I worked on my blazing tan while stretching out on this new red towel. (Thanks Mark!)

Miles collected some shells to bring home as souvenirs for the Lucky Ones back in Oregon.

Lucky Ones at Honeymoon Island - Part 4

Behind our spot on the beach was a small lagoon. Miles and Mollie enjoyed watching the egrets fly over the tranquil waters of this lagoon.

Miles snapped a photo of an egret wading in the water. I thought he did a nice job of catching the reflections of the trees on the lagoon.

The actual beachfront itself was a completely different story. There must have been a high surf advisory because the waves were huge. We got as close to the water as possible via the best way a monkey knows how - climbing trees!

Laura was a bit worried about me falling in and being swept out to sea. She wasn't in the mood to play lifeguard again. I told her to chill out because I'm an agile monkey who knows what he's doing.

Miles hung out in a nearby tree. He said he'd prefer to hang ten on a surfboard. If only they made one in our size!

Lucky Ones at Honeymoon Island - Part 5

Miles was sitting pretty and not the least bit worried about the ferocious surf swirling under his tree. In case you hadn't noticed, he's got some serious guns!

After swinging from trees on the beach, we transitioned to a more laid back form of swinging. My pals enjoyed a spectacular view of calmer waters with tropical breezes gently swaying our swing. In case you're wondering what happened to me, those gentle breezes knocked me on my red heeled bum (see lower right section of swing's seat).

Our engaged couple, Miles and Miss Mollie, spent some quiet time together while I kept the beach boys occupied.

Miles thought, "Now I know why they call this place Honeymoon Island. It's a true paradise, and a great way to begin a new life together."

There's nothing better than a day at the beach spent relaxing and having fun with friends. I hope you enjoyed our adventure!