Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lucky Ones have a Chilly Experience at Crystal Beach

I promised my pals that we would frolic on Crystal Beach today. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hindered my plan. It was extremely chilly and windy, although the sun was shining brightly at least. My friends traveled a long distance to see the local sights, so we persevered the arctic-like temperatures for some scenic photo opportunities. We all wanted to sit on this rock, but the wind was at our backs. The Lucky Ones were safely shielded by this rock. I asked my personal assistant / photographer Laura why I was the only one asked to sit atop the rock, and she mumbled something about my booty being heavy enough to prevent me from going airborne. I'm going to take that as a compliment.

We enjoyed the waterfront view via my favorite park bench at Crystal Beach.

My original plan included walking to the end of the pier, but Laura said we couldn't risk the wind causing an impromptu swim in the less-than-tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, she did not want to play lifeguard today.

In case I forgot to mention... it was a WINDY day. Miss Mollie discovered this by accident. Thank goodness she wore some sensible lingerie!

Miles was fascinated by the assortment of sailboats which are anchored just offshore Crystal Beach. They have been here for years and add to the charm of our lovely waterfront community.

My friends and I will be venturing out here again on a more tranquil day. I'm also ordering up some warmer weather so we can catch some rays on a real beach with white sand. Bathing suits will be optional...for sock monkeys only.

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