Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lucky Ones Take Over the Bank - Part 2

After working on the front line with spectacular results, the Lucky Ones were swiftly promoted to V.P.'s (Vice Primates). As all executives should, they received their very own office. The eight of us inspected each piece of equipment to make sure that everything was in working condition.

Buddy was busy crunching numbers on the adding machine while Miles and Miss Mollie got the printer loaded with paper and ready to go. Izzy and Buttons used their executive privilege to take a short break.

Willie said, "Hold my calls, please. I'm about to score a big account with a new client."

While Willie wheeled and dealed, Snap and I booted up the computer and made sure that all software was loaded properly.

After a hard day's work, a little R & R is in order for my friends. Stay tuned for more sockosimian adventures!


Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

That bank looks like so much fun! You are lucky to get to go to work with Laura so often.

I finally get to go to work with Mom next week. She will be painting a mural at the Children's Cancer Center. She talked to the Art Director yesterday, and they all want to meet me! Mom says we are going to start volunteering, and we might even get to go to camp with the kids this summer!

Mom says I will have to stay out of the paint, though. She says not even Woolite will take it out.

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...


I'm sure you will be a big hit at the cancer center. All of the kids are going to ask their parents where they can get a sock monkey of their own.

Paint is no good. Your mom is right.