Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Miss Mollie's Bachelorette Party

While the boys were frolicking at Peggy O'Neill's last week during Miles' bachelor party, the girls were planning a bachelorette party for Miss Mollie. They ordered a luscious chocolate fudge cake topped with a juicy strawberry, and everyone chipped in for a gift. From left to right, the party guests included Miss Pearl, Chiquita, Miss Mollie, Scarlet (Gunther's main squeeze), Gorilla My Dreams, Sockette, and Princess Monkitha. The presents they selected for Miss Mollie were nestled inside of a festive sock monkey gift bag.

"Look! It's a pair of sock monkey salt and pepper shakers. They will be a great addition to my kitchen, ladies. Thanks a bunch!" Miss Mollie exclaimed.

Besides the shakers, Miss Mollie found a Magic 8 Ball inside of her gift bag.

She decided to ask the Magic 8 Ball a question. "Will Miles and I be happy forever?", Mollie questioned. The Magic 8 Ball's response was short and sweet - Looks Good!

After the gifts, it was time to enjoy some cake and ice cream. Sockette watched longingly as Miss Mollie was about to take her first bite. The girls had a lovely afternoon together. We boys were hoping for some leftover cake, but no such luck.

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