Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Necklace

My Lucky Ones visitors have some very snazzy beaded necklaces bearing their names. I wondered why my humans had never made such a necklace for me? Well, I don't have to wonder anymore. Mark worked very hard to make my wish a reality. He and Laura made multiple trips to Michael's craft store and JoAnn Fabrics for supplies. Although you can't see the entire necklace, it is composed of red, pink, speckled brown, dark brown and black beads. Each of these colors represent a part of me - red for my mouth and bum, pink and black for my eyes and speckled brown for my skin. A subtle blend of Mark's artistic and engineering skills aided the design and build of my new neck bling. To make sure that everything went smoothly, I supervised Mark the entire time, which he really appreciated. Once it was completed and fastened to my neck, I jumped for joy when I saw it in the mirror.

Here is a close up view. I am BIG MONKEY!

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