Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lucky Ones Visit Wall Springs Park - Part 2

The park has a nice path for walking and cycling. I rode my hog (red trike) along the path with my passenger Socks.

I let Miles take my hog for a spin next. Being a natural athlete, Miles sped around the entire park at record pace and hardly broke a sweat. I think he might be the next Lance Sockstrong.

Miss Mollie watched with great interest and yearning as we left a trail of burned rubber around the park. After waiting patiently, Mollie finally got her turn to take this hog for a sweet ride.

Not surprisingly, our escapades attracted the attention of other park visitors. Our new friend Rick requested a group photo. He even asked me for my autograph, since I'm a weather watcher for our local NBC station.

After completing the Tour de Wall Springs via my hog, the three of us took a breather on a small pier to enjoy a view of the water. My "mini me" Little Big Monkey is sitting on my lap.

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