Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lucky Ones Arrive in Their Purple Pod - Part 1

For quite a while there has been a plan in the works for some of my pals from The Lucky Ones Sock Monkey Shelter in Central Point, Oregon to come for a visit. There are many sockosimians (sock monkeys) who live at the The Lucky Ones. The head of their family, Miss Grape Elizabeth Good, is one of my bestest pals on Facebook. After much deliberation, she determined that seven of her family members would travel cross country in their purple pod to Florida. The truly Lucky Ones were Miss Mollie, Miles, Willie B. Good, Izzy Good, Buttons, Snap and Buddy. Supplied with nanner chips for their only nourishment, these brave pioneers spent the last week packed tightly in their purple pod with dreams of warm weather, sandy beaches and palm trees in their future. I had my personal assistant Laura check the post office every day until they finally arrived today. Without further ado, I unpacked their cardboard box this afternoon and gingerly opened the lid to the purple pod.

Hi Lucky Ones! Welcome to Big Monkey's House!

Miss Grape E. Good and her brother Ernest Lee included a personalized note for me introducing my Lucky Ones visitors.

Karl and Megan couldn't resist checking out the cardboard box which contained the purple pod. The Lucky Ones also have feline family members. Perhaps they could detect that with their super-sensitive snouts?

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