Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lucky Ones Take Over the Bank - Part 1

There was no rest for my weary traveling pals. The morning after their arrival, we headed to the bank. Even though it's not Friday, which is the traditional day for sock monkeys to take over the bank, my friends were eager to check it out. We began the day by assisting customers on the teller line. The Lucky Ones received much praise for their stellar teller service from the bank staff and the customers.

Snap excelled at running the drive thru lanes. He mostly enjoyed sending the tubes back and forth and talking on the microphone with customers.

The Lucky Ones fully embraced the savings campaign adopted by the bank to help their customers save for the future. They showed their support by posing on the SAVE cubes in this photo.

Speaking of savings, I took a portion of the gold coins that my pals had so generously given to me and deposited them into my bank account. My mom always taught me to save for a rainy day. Luckily with sock monkeys around, rainy days are few and far between!

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