Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lucky Ones Explore Clearwater Beach - Part 1

As promised, I fulfilled my duty as tour guide by taking the Lucky Ones to Clearwater Beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico. It is an especially nice beach due to its beautiful white sand. From our beachfront parking space, the first thing I spotted was an awesome sand dune. Since monkeys are natural born climbers, our gang headed straight to the top for a nice group photo. Front row (left to right): Izzy and Buddy. Middle row (left to right): Willie, Buttons, Miss Mollie, Miles and Snap. Back row (left to right): Gunther, Mr. Monkey, me and J.R.

We decided to show this dune who is boss. Mr. Monkey and I revved up the purple Escalade for some four wheeling.

After some brief driving instruction from Mr. Monkey, Miles took the wheel with Miss Mollie sitting pretty on the back of the Escalade.

We descended to lower ground where we could really pick up some speed on the flat beach.

Miles and Miss Mollie took their turn again, and went for a smooth ride up and down the waterfront.

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