Friday, July 31, 2009

Sock Monkey Friday 7/31/09 - Officer Po Po and Po Junior meet a new friend named Eugene

Officer Po Po and his son Po Junior participated in Sock Monkey Friday at the bank today. They were delighted to meet a new friend named Eugene, whose human is one of Laura's co-workers.

Eugene, Po Po and Po Junior experienced monkey zen via the trickling waters of this delightful fountain.

Po Po is always on duty, no matter what. He made sure that incoming customers abided by the bank's security procedures. He had the pleasure of meeting Officer Edith today, who is one of this county's finest human law enforcement officers. She said that Po Po made her proud to be a police officer! Normally Po Po shows very little emotion, but I think he may have blushed at her compliment, which was quite an honor.

While Po Po and Junior handled security, Eugene concentrated on customer relations. He wanted to encourage everyone to save money, as demonstrated by the coin banks that are displayed on the teller line.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rapper B-Monk cruisin' in the Escalade

This is how I roll... in a purple Escalade fo shizzle! My new doo rag will protect my delicate chrome dome during my ride.

Yeah, dog. I'm going for a cruise on this fine summer day!

Woo hoo! I'm turnin' up the bass and blastin' "Auto-Biggie-Ography" all over the streets of Crystal Beach. Vroom Vroom! Smell ya later, homeys!

Fur and Sock Felines - Let's Get to Know Each Other - Part 1

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my pal, Sock Kitty. She's a red heel, just like me.

I usually keep her secluded upstairs for her own safety. I think you can see why. She is already drawing attention from the furry feline, Megan.

The real one to worry about though is Karl. Of course he had to come check out the visitor from upstairs. He stretches out casually next to us, but don't let that fool you. It doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be friends.

Fur and Sock Felines - Let's Get to Know Each Other - Part 2

Sock Kitty decided she needed to win Karl over, so she approached him cautiously. Karl is thinking, "I know you're there, but that doesn't mean I have to acknowledge you."

With mild annoyance, he turns to face her. "OK, Socky! What do you want?"
"Can't we just get along?" Sock Kitty pleas.
I hear a huff from Karl and nothing more.

An interesting phenomenon occurred shortly afterward. Sock Kitty was investigating the water bowl, and out of nowhere Karl appeared to take a drink. "That's MY bowl, and don't you forget it, Socky!" Sigh... I guess there will always be competition here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 14 Dual Celebration - Part 1 of 4

Today was Laura's birthday! Per her request, I dressed tropically in my Hawaiian grass skirt and coconut bra. Anything to amuse the human... She received a big bunch of balloons, but my absolute favorite was this monkey girl. We match! She's pretty cool, except her voice is really high pitched from all the helium she inhaled.

What's a party without bubbles? I'm blowing bubbles... BIG bubbles.

Can you see them?

Oh boy! She got a special lunch today consisting of pulled pork sandwiches, spicy chicken dip with tortilla chips, coleslaw and homemade pickles. I love birthday lunches!

Mmm... this fresh pineapple sure did hit the spot. Can you see the little monk on the end of my toothpick I'm using to spear the pineapple chunks?

July 14 Dual Celebration - Part 2 of 4

I saved some room after lunch for the highlight of the afternoon - birthday cake! This custom creation was designed by Cynthia and assembled and decorated by Publix - the best grocery store around. All the monkeys in town came over just to behold it's excellence.

Two lucky monks actually climbed on top of the cake to sample some of the luscious fudge icing!

Time to make a wish and blow!

I'm ready to dig into this slab o' cake accompanied by my favorite ice cream, Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

July 14 Dual Celebration - Part 3 of 4

Now for the birthday gifts... This fellow says he's the king of the jungle, but I say he's full of hot air! He bears a remarkable resemblance to one of my Facebook friends named Cletus.

Cletus' clone and I both gave the opposable thumbs up to this Paul Frank Julius hoodie sweatshirt.

All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel... POP, goes the monkey! Turn the crank and this little buddy pops out of his box.

We're going to iron on this cutie girl monkey patch to make a custom tank top that will be sure to turn heads.

I received a cool pair of work boots which I've been asking for a while. They don't quite go with my Hawaiian garb, but who cares? I've been known to start my own fashion trends.

July 14 Dual Celebration - Part 4 of 4

Another gift for Laura... a new family member and instant friend for me!

The little monkey in the middle sings "Happy Birthday" when you squeeze his belly.

Opening all those presents made me pretty hungry. We went out for a birthday dinner at the Bonefish Grill. I ordered grilled grouper with steamed veggies to make up for all that cake and ice cream I ate earlier.

Now for an explanation of the dual celebration. Today was Mark's last radiation day. I was permitted exclusive access into the room where he received his treatments.

He was given a congratulatory balloon and diploma after 4 weeks of daily treatments. In his right hand he's holding his radiation mask.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day with the Patriotic Posse

I couldn't think of a better way to spend Sock Monkey Friday at the bank than with my pals, President Basock Obama (left) and Billy Ground Hog (right). We are the Patriotic Posse!

I decided to wear my gold medal from my victory in the monkathon at last summer's Olympics in Beijing. I was born in the USA... and proud of it!

The Patriotic Posse wishes you a fantastic Fourth of July filled with food, fireworks and fun!