Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 14 Dual Celebration - Part 1 of 4

Today was Laura's birthday! Per her request, I dressed tropically in my Hawaiian grass skirt and coconut bra. Anything to amuse the human... She received a big bunch of balloons, but my absolute favorite was this monkey girl. We match! She's pretty cool, except her voice is really high pitched from all the helium she inhaled.

What's a party without bubbles? I'm blowing bubbles... BIG bubbles.

Can you see them?

Oh boy! She got a special lunch today consisting of pulled pork sandwiches, spicy chicken dip with tortilla chips, coleslaw and homemade pickles. I love birthday lunches!

Mmm... this fresh pineapple sure did hit the spot. Can you see the little monk on the end of my toothpick I'm using to spear the pineapple chunks?

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