Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Monkey Casts a BigGER Shadow

What a happy-go-lucky scene - me posing on my hog by the fireplace with my buddy Sock Monkey Nite Lite (lower right). When the sun sets and darkness is upon us, this tranquil scene will vividly transform and induce pure terror within those who unsuspectingly descend the staircase.

Step 1 - Sock Monkey Nite Lite does his thing.

Step 2 - His bright beacon is strategically located behind me.

Result - BIG shadow of me on the wall! I anxiously wait for a clueless human to emerge from the upstairs and cast their eyes upon me. Mwah Ha Ha Ha! Note: For an indication of scale, see the tiny electrical outlet in the lower right hand corner.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Got a Neck Lift

My adventures in the past decade or so have taken their toll on my physique. One of the main problem areas is my neck. It has a pretty severe droop, as you can see from a photo this past spring. In addition, a rather unattractive buffalo hump appeared on the back of my neck (see notation in photo). I'm not a vain monkey, but I would like to be able to hold my head high. Also, my custom Big Monkey necklace has been hidden from view because of my droopy neck. Last night, all of that changed. I got a neck lift!

The results are amazing! Can you believe that this was a non-invasive procedure? No surgery was required. I was told it would feel like a nice massage. In reality it felt like a semi-uncomfortable manipulation by a silverback gorilla. It was so worth the half hour of mild discomfort I experienced though. You can see that the buffalo hump has been smoothed out, and I can hold my head high again!

Best of all, everyone can see my Big Monkey necklace again! I've been told by my physician to limit wardrobe changes, so I'll be wearing this shirt for a while. It's a small price to pay for the boost in my neck (and my confidence).