Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucky Ones at Honeymoon Island - Part 4

Behind our spot on the beach was a small lagoon. Miles and Mollie enjoyed watching the egrets fly over the tranquil waters of this lagoon.

Miles snapped a photo of an egret wading in the water. I thought he did a nice job of catching the reflections of the trees on the lagoon.

The actual beachfront itself was a completely different story. There must have been a high surf advisory because the waves were huge. We got as close to the water as possible via the best way a monkey knows how - climbing trees!

Laura was a bit worried about me falling in and being swept out to sea. She wasn't in the mood to play lifeguard again. I told her to chill out because I'm an agile monkey who knows what he's doing.

Miles hung out in a nearby tree. He said he'd prefer to hang ten on a surfboard. If only they made one in our size!

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