Saturday, September 6, 2008

Introducing... Billy Ground Hog - former football player and present couch athlete

Since football season has arrived, I thought it would be appropriate for me to introduce you to my friend Billy Ground Hog. He's one of those farmstrong boys from Ohio. BGH played pro football for the Cleveland Red White and Browns. He led the team to their #1 position in the NSMFL (National Sock Monkey Football League). You can probably tell from his thick neck, long legs and muscular physique that Billy Ground Hog was quite the athlete in his day.

Here's one of the famous buttons depicting his team's motto "Get down with the Red, White and Brown!"
After a distinguished career in the NSMFL, Billy Ground Hog had to retire due to injury. He broke his neck, so it doesn't move too well these days. Now BGH prefers to watch his sport from the comfort of the couch, surrounded by his sock monkey fleece "blankie". If you're wondering why he's wearing a snowman sweater, he wears whatever he feels like... gosh!

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