Sunday, September 14, 2008

Would have been nice to watch the Penn State game yesterday

The Penn State vs. Syracuse game was not broadcast in the dear old South (one of the pitfalls of moving from PA). It was supposed to be on ABC, but the local affiliate decided not to show it here. The decision was made last minute, and they should have moved it to ESPN game plan but they did not. When we tuned to the channel it was supposed to be on, it was black. We had 100 Penn State fans show up at the sports bar to watch a game that wasn't available. I'm back at home now on Sunday watching NFL pregame shows, but I'm still mad! Take that ABC!


Anonymous said...

Is Big Monkey giving ABC the middle finger?!



Laura said...

He's definitely not giving them the opposable thumbs up!

How 'bout those Wolverines?

fred said...

How come BM's bum looks like his mouth??

fred said...

Hey!! P. Burress is 7 pounds over normal playing weight!! OMG!

Anonymous said...

The Wolverines are in a transition year (or two. or three). Patience, grasshopper. U-M will be back to whippin' up on all comers soon. Better get your licks in while you can, because once Coach Rod has everything running on all cylinders, there will be no stopping us.

Go Blue!
Big Blue Monkey

PS Where is Big Monkey? We need to hear about his exploits. Has Officer Po Po caught the heinous criminal in your midst? We need updates!

Big Monkey said...

Fred, This is a classic characteristic of the American sock monkey. We are proud to show off our big red smiles on either end! Good catch on the Burress story.

Big Monkey said...

Big Blue Monkey,

You are going to be truly blue this year from your team loosing so much. I wouldn't hold my breath on the all cylinders running thing.

I have been busy consulting at Laura's bank - see my new post. There's some hot leads on the criminal activity. Stay tuned!

Pack Fan...aka Badger Boy said...

Oliver Green Bay Packer was Very Happy 'cuz his Badgers were a nationwide broadcast!! He cheered the UW cheese-heads to a fantastic VICTORY!!! He is elated now that the Coaches & the A P poll have the BADGERS ranked # 8 in the nation! WooHooHeeHeeHaaEeeEee!

Oliver GBP-"Bucky Badger is da MAN"

GO BADGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penn State Nittany Lion Boy said...

Bucky and his cheesehead friends can do their little victory dance for now... until they have to face me on October 11th! You're going down, Badger Boy!