Monday, September 22, 2008

Introducing the Sock Monkey Candidate for President... Basock!

Hi. My name is Basock, and I am running for President of Crystal Beach. I am originally from Minnesota where I have years of experience in local government. If I am selected as the next President, I can promise the citizens of Crystal Beach the brilliant future that they deserve.

The sock monkeys of Crystal Beach are not so sure about this foreigner from Minnesota. They are eagerly awaiting a speech from candidate Basock.

Basock has organized a town hall meeting to answer questions posed by the Crystal Beach residents. Before he can begin to speak, he hears some whispering in the crowd.

Monkey Kid: "Mom, he's blue! Have you ever seen such a thing? And he has a funny name too!"

Monkey Mom: "Shush! That's not polite!"

Basock: "Young man, did you want to ask me a question?"

Monkey Kid: "Well, yes. You're blue, and we're all brown. You look different from the rest of us. Your name sounds weird too."

Monkey Mom: "Sir, please excuse him. He doesn't know what he's saying."

Basock: "That's quite alright. Son, you have a point. Yes, I am blue, and most of you are brown. My name is kind of funny too. I'd really like it if you would just give me a chance to prove that I can represent all of you. I may be blue, but it's not the color of the sock that matters. It's the heart of the sock monkey that really counts."

Monkey Kid: "OK... Do you like bananas?"

Basock: "Of course I do, son."

Monkey Kid: "He's alright with me, Mom!"

Residents of Crystal Beach, if you elect me I can promise that I will do everything within my power to lower the taxes on bananas. I will plant more trees in the park for you to climb. My personal secret service agent from Minnesota, Sheriff Festus (pictured below) will work with Officer Po Po to protect Crystal Beach residents from crime. Most importantly, I have chosen Big Monkey to be my running mate!

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Anonymous said...

Tough times, Basock and company. Hope all of you in Crystal Beach are keeping your spirits up. We're thinking about you.