Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Customer Service - Monkey Style

The humans that work at Laura's bank needed some professional training in the area of customer service. I was pleased to serve as a consultant for the meager fee of 100 B's (bananas) per hour. My assistant Oliver Green Bay Packer participated in the training exercise as well.

To make customers feel welcome, you need to create an inviting atmosphere. I have demonstrated this concept with the banana tree between Oliver and me. Humans can apply this concept by serving food (cookies, coffee, popcorn etc.) Here's an excerpt from our presentation:

BM: Hello Oliver. How are you doing today?
O: Great! I'd like to make this deposit.
BM: Sure, Oliver. I would be happy to help you with that. Say, the Packers are doing fantastic so far this season, aren't they?
O: Yes, it's been very exciting watching the games, but I do miss Brett.
BM: Oliver, I have something just for you! How about this wedge of cheese to complete your outfit?

O: Big Monkey, thank you so much! I really appreciate this cheese. It will look great atop my head! You're the best bank teller ever!

BM: It's my pleasure, Oliver. Anything to make you happy. I really appreciate your business!

O: Look how nice this wedge of cheese looks on my head! I won't take it off all season, and then the Packers will make it to the Super Bowl. Thanks again, Big Monkey! You're awesome!

When Oliver Green Bay Packer leaves the bank, he feels very special. Big Monkey the teller went out of his way to please his customer Oliver. This is just one specific example of great customer service. The humans can learn from this by listening to their customers, finding out what their interests are, and going above and beyond just the transaction itself in their own unique way.


Anonymous said...



big monkey said...

I don't understand... did you mean LAMO! Oops... we're not talking about the Wolverines though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Big Monkey,

Nice way to get rid of that rotting cheese and sign the lame Green Bay Packer monkey up for a high interest, shameful credit card. I believe your bank is one of those that may be targetted by the feds for inproper/illegal lending practices. Some insincere customer service training IS NOT going to change all that. Next you'll be teaching your LAMO customers how to short-sell.

s. Uncle Bill

big monkey said...

Uncle Bill / Willis,

If you come to the bank, I've got a special gift waiting for you. Something that monkeys are real good at throwing...