Monday, August 18, 2008

First Stop on my Victory Tour - Delaware

My victory tour began in Delaware to visit Laura's folks. For those of you who are wondering DelaWHERE?... It is nestled on the east coast with neighboring states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. It was the first state to ratify the Constitution in 1787. Delaware is just under 2,000 square miles in size which makes it the second smallest state in the U.S. (Rhode Island is the smallest). There are only three counties and one phone area code in Delaware. The state bird is the Blue Hen Chicken. I ate a few of them during my visit. Boy, are they TASTY! Delaware is regularly invaded by nearby out of staters because it is the home of tax free shopping.

We went on a sight seeing trip to Old New Castle (sounds funny, doesn't it?) This colonial town was founded in 1651 by the Dutch. It is located on the Delaware River where William Penn came ashore in 1682 and claimed it. The cobblestone streets and historic homes and buildings make this town a nice place to visit. In the picture below I am posing by the old Frenchtown Railroad Ticket Office. It's a fenced in landmark, but the gate was open so Laura decided that I should get my picture taken here. She did not get arrested, in case you were wondering.

I stopped to pose by these pretty sunflowers that were planted in someone's backyard.

The next stop on my victory tour was the Big Apple, a two hour train ride from Wilmington, Delaware. Stay posted tomorrow for my adventures in NYC.


Anonymous said...

I'm reporting Laura to the Wilmington PD. The Wilmington Primate Department, that is. OMG, I'm getting as corny as Laura. 8-)

Hope you all had fun.


Big Monkey said...

Carson, don't you know Officer PoPo has connections everywhere, even at the WPD? I have chimplomatic immunity wherever I go. Laura, on the other hand, will be arrested and detained if caught... ha ha!