Sunday, August 24, 2008

BUDVILLE Part 2 - Eatin'

Budville is almost self-sufficient by providing several food groups to nourish its residents. Let's talk about the most important one first... MEAT! There's lots of deer to be found roaming innocently through the woods around Budville. I secretly watch them from high above the trees in the deer stand pictured below. Then, when they least expect it, my muzzleloader gets 'em! If I have offended any tree hugging granola crunchers, I do apologize, but a monkey's gotta eat!

Next to the deer stand is my favorite place to hang out while hunting, known as the Polish Winnebago (don't ask me about the name, I didn't choose it). It provides some relief from the cold during those early morning hunts. Since I moved to Florida, it's been abandoned except for any small wild animals that manage to get inside.

Let's move onto the next food group - fruits and vegetables. There are a wide variety of each that are currently being cultivated in my garden. Let me mention that we compost all unwanted portions of the fruits and vegetables that we do not consume, i.e., banana peels. This compost goes right back to the garden to help fertilize new plants. The tree huggers will love this... Budville has been recycling for years (long before it was popular), and could definitely be considered a "green" community. There's no such thing as waste in Budville.

It's tomato season folks, and here I am tending to my plants. Don't they look delicious?

Cantalopes are also thriving in my garden. I have about a dozen of them growing right now.

Mmm... there's nothing better than a Budville apple! Here I am just about to pick one off the tree for an afternoon snack.

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