Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let me introduce you to my hometown of PITTSBURGH!

My Olympic victory celebration included a feast at Aunt Mildred's house. She made these brownies just for me! She also gave me this really cool Pittsburghese t-shirt that has some examples of the local dialect in my town. For those of you that might need a translation, see below.

Aht = Out
Babushka = Head scarf
Chipped Ham = Thinly sliced ham (you'll meet my friend Chipped Ham Sam during football season)
Dahntahn = Downtown
Gumban = Rubber band
Jaggers = Thorns
Jumbo = Bologna (I grew up eating fried jumbo sammitches)
Nebby = Nosy (Mark says Laura is nebby... ha ha!)
Pop = Soda
Sammitch = Sandwich
Stillers = Steelers
Yins = You (plural)

Sample question: Yins going aht for some sammitches and pop dahntahn?

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