Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chillin' Out at the Beach

Some of my friends and I went down to the waterfront at Crystal Beach last weekend. It's about a 5 minute walk from our house. The pier in the background is a great place to watch the sunset in the evenings.

Some of my little buddies got close to the water, but they were afraid to get their feet wet!

Here we are doing what monkeys do best... hanging out in a tree.

I love to chill out in the live oak trees, which are plentiful in Crystal Beach.

My friend Henly (who always looks dapper in his banana bow tie) is posing for his glamour shot below.


Anonymous said...

you got a great blog.
nice pictures ;p

if you could visit my blog i'll be glad. ;p

uncle Bill said...

I thought your Mom said this blog site was family-friendly, but from what we can ascertain, there are a bunch of slacker sock monkeys lounging provocatively on trees and rocks around Crystal Beach; many sans clothing.

Perhaps Po Po will bust you guys for loitering and indecent exposure!

Also, we see that you are friends with Karl. We like him too. When's his birthday, i.e. when can we expect you and Karl to "share" his birthday goodies? Our guess is that he may not be near as friendly as Mark when you attempt to "share" his special birthday cat food! And he's got claws and sharp teeth!