Saturday, August 23, 2008

BUDVILLE Part 1 - Workin'

This is Budville - the place where I was born. It's on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, but I can't tell you the exact location because it's top secret! Let's just say that Budville is out of the area for pizza delivery, and if you call 911 you might be waiting about a half hour until help arrives. Budville is pretty big (about 12 acres) and boasts many amenities including a pond stocked with tasty fish, extra buildings for working on boats, cars, trailers, etc., and lots of heavy duty equipment such as this backhoe that I'm driving. The backhoe also comes in handy during deer season... I'll let you folks figure that out on your own!

With 12 acres of land there is plenty of grass to mow. That's why I have this driving lawn mower. A sock monkey's work is never done in Budville!

There are always multiple projects going on at once in Budville. Here I am attempting to repair this boat trailer by utilizing my welding skills. Welding goggles must be worn to protect my sensitive pink eyes. There's plenty more to see in Budville. Please stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

BM, tell Laura that you need a girlfriend. You need to stop getting your monkey on with that backhoe steering wheel.


big monkey said...


You wish you had my prehensile tail, don't you?