Thursday, August 28, 2008

First shipment of bananas arrives... followed by some drama

The first installment of the lifetime supply of bananas that I won at the Olympics has finally arrived! Mr. Monkey (purple hat) is hovering over me as I carry a platter of bananas to share with my friends. Henly (dapper fellow with the bow tie) prepares to serve a small bunch as well. You may notice that I am wearing a new pair of red glasses... all the better to see my pretty bananas with. Laura gave me this cool pair of red "Ducs" shoes. I am stylin' now.

After a delicious feast, I am wiped out! Time for some sweet banana dreams.... zzzz.... Enter the scene - Ernie A. Twinklepig, local scavenger javelina. Hmm... looks as if Big Monkey is sleeping like a log. I think I can take these bananas without him waking up. I am soooo hungry!

Oh man, those were the best bananas I ever had. I am stuffed! I need a nap, but I better get out of here quickly before anyone sees me! Ernie A. Twinklepig escapes without disturbing the sleeping sock monkey community. He thinks he has gotten away with his crime. Little does he realize that he has left behind key evidence.

Big Monkey wakes up a few hours later and discovers his loss. He immediately reports the theft to CBPD, and Officer Po Po responds by arriving at the scene around 2:00 am. The criminal must not have been too smart, Po Po observes, because he/she left the telltale banana peels right on the kitchen counter! The next step is to perform a print analysis technique newly developed by Po Po's cutting edge forensics team. It's called Cinnamonalysis, which is the science of lifting prints by using the common household spice. Po Po is successful in discovering 4 prints which are identical to that of a javelina's hoofs. There is only one javelina in town... Ernie A. Twinklepig!

With the assistance of Karl, Ernie A. Twinklepig was arrested without incident. After being properly mirandized, Ernie was taken into custody and plead guilty to his crime. Since Ernie did not have any prior convictions, he was given probation for 2 years. During that time he must clean up the litter at Crystal Beach and volunteer for 500 hours at the local sock monkey adoption shelter. He sincerely regrets his offense and promises to make it up to the monkeys.


fred said...

Hahahaha! Always a good read stopping in at BM's hizouze!

big monkey said...

Stayed tuned for more wizacky tizimes Fred!