Monday, August 25, 2008

BUDVILLE Part 3 - Playin'

This is my own personal pond which is stocked with tasty fish! Sometimes I just sit on the dock and relax or I can tool around in my pedal boat.

These beautiful lily pads with flowers are on the outskirts of my pond.

I handcrafted this chair myself back in the day. I call my style of furniture "country rustic." It fits in real well at Budville. This is where I take a load off after working hard all day.

Meet my buddy LT (that stands for Little Terror in case you were wondering). He is one of three resident varmints in Budville.

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers in Budville... or eat them!


Anonymous said...

You are disturbed.

big monkey said...

Do not disturb the disturbed!