Friday, September 4, 2009

Visit to Wall Springs Park on 8/30/09 - Part 1

Wall Springs Park is a beautiful county park located close to my home. As the name suggests, the main feature is a historic spring which used to be a resort area many years ago. There is no swimming allowed at this time in the spring, but we did think about jumping in for a quick dip when there was no park ranger in sight. No matter what time of year it is, the water temperature in the spring is almost always 74 degrees (considerably cooler than the Gulf right now). This would have been downright refreshing at this sweltering time of year.
Rear ends from left to right are: Marcus, Jocko Janoski, me and Farcus.

Here's some historical information about the Park.

More information for my viewers...

This 195 acre park is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. Jocko, Farcus, Marcus and I enjoyed the tranquil waters with waterfront homes on Indian Bluff Island in the background.

Marcus took it all in. He just arrived from Minnesota yesterday. I think he's enjoying his new surroundings.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Florida. Someday...