Monday, September 14, 2009

Presents from Cracker Barrel

Last week I received a great tip from one of my Facebook friends about new sock monkey loot at Cracker Barrel. On our way home from Moffitt last Tuesday, I got a chance to pick out a few early Christmas presents. I chose two candy dishes and a candy jar.

I am going to hide some goodies in this jar.

I've got some Dove dark chocolates I can keep safe in here.

Safe? Maybe I spoke too soon. Somebody is trying to raid my stash!

Another present I received from Cracker Barrel was this cool camouflage John Deere hat. I can wear this out in the backyard when I'm looking for varmints.


Anonymous said...

BM, we need you to come and take care of the varmints in our attic. Apparently flying squirrels (or roof rats - I'm hoping for the squirrels) have taken a liking to our home. Ishan volunteered to get his hammer and take care of them, but I'm afraid that they will make a winter snack out of him.


Big Monkey said...

Big Monkey's varmint control service will come to the rescue, never fear!