Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moffitt Cancer Center - Part 2

On my way to pick up some grub, I investigated the landscaping on the grounds of Moffitt. This palm tree was too spiny for me to climb.

I found some pretty yellow flowers. They reminded me of daffodils.

My pit stop for dinner was our favorite place to eat (Jason's Deli). I ordered a Mexican Chicken baked potato. I think this potato was on steroids. It was HUGE!

After a yummy dinner, I amused myself in the Infusion Center. There are some nice volunteers who knit beautiful hats for the female cancer patients. I decided to model this snazzy purple number.

Each chair in the Infusion Center is equipped with an individual television. This is especially nice for the patients that sit in these chairs for many hours while receiving their chemotherapy. Mark and I kicked back to watch the boob tube after our meal. We were especially looking forward to watching the Steelers' first game of the regular season.

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