Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moffitt Cancer Center - Part 1

This past Tuesday, we found out that Mark would need to receive more chemotherapy. We returned to Moffitt Cancer Center on Thursday for the first session. He will receive one drug via injection directly into his brain. Before the drug is administered, his physician's assistant withdraws spinal fluid. This fluid will be tested later for the presence of cancer cells. Mark has a special port in his brain called an Ommaya reservoir. We call it his "Easy Button" (like Staples).

Here is the chemotherapy drug that will be injected next. It looks like Mountain Dew (or monkey urine). Hee hee! Let's say it's Mountain Dew. That sounds better.

Mark's physician's assistant gives him the shot of Mountain Dew. She is enjoying this a little too much, I think.

Now for Part 2 of his treatment... Mark will also receive another drug that is supposed to inhibit blood vessels from growing around a tumor, which should deprive it of nutrients and it will shrink and hopefully disappear. This drug will be administered through a port in his chest. We have to go to another area called the Infusion Center to receive this injection. I am checking out the machine which will slowly infuse the drug into Mark's port.

After my inspection, it looks like he is good to go. Mark will be hooked up to this contraption for about an hour and a half. Since it's dinnertime, I'm going to make a run for some comfort food and I'll be back shortly.

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