Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gunther's Sock Monkey Friday - Customer Appreciation Day at the Bank

Gunther was very excited to attend another Sock Monkey Friday at the bank, which happened to be a Customer Appreciation Day. This was a special Friday because FOOD was involved. The theme of the day was patriotic. New customers received American flags when they opened their accounts. The bank's official decorator (Cynthia) brought festive items, including some adornments for Gunther. He arrived wearing his customary Penn State baseball cap.

However, he looked quite dapper and Uncle Sam-like in this patriotic red top hat.

This was his absolute favorite though - a red headband with pom pom style antennae.

Did I mention FOOD was involved? Cookies, brownies, candy, danishes, hot dogs, chips, etc. Gunther tried a little bit of everything.

"Thank you so much for bringing me to Customer Appreciation Day, Laura!" Gunther gives her a giant sock monkey hug.

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