Monday, September 21, 2009

The Case of the Missing Ear Bling - an Open-and-Shut Case - Part 2

There's an abundant supply of free bamboo near my home. I thought this might be the perfect material to construct a ring. Now I just need to find a shoot with the proper diameter.

I had to complete this task in a stealthy manner, so I wore my camouflage John Deere cap while I sawed down the bamboo.

After securing my sample of bamboo, I headed off to the machine shop to do some precision handiwork.

After cutting and sanding for hours, the ring is almost done. Now to add the bling...

Ta-Da! Here's the finished product. Mark was so grateful for my help. Friday evening he returned from the pier triumphant because she said YES! For my efforts, I received a replacement ear bling from a fine kiosk in the mall. Officer Po Po declared the Case of the Missing Ear Bling to be officially solved and closed.


willis said...

Nice work, Velike! and amazing that Laura did not notice your missing ear bling!

Big Monkey said...

She can either be completely oblivious or super observant. There is no in between. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great news, BM! And to think that you were actually in on 'popping the question'. Well, now you know exactly how it works for when your turn comes along.


Big Monkey said...

My turn? Nooooo way! Marriage is for humans only. Thanks for the congrats!