Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time to Hide the Eggs!

Let me introduce you to our Easter Egg Hunt "elves" if you will. Both of them are hybrid animals. That doesn't mean they drive gas/electric cars either. Bunkey (left) is a bunny / monkey hybrid. He is specially equipped with a magic blue jelly bean carrot which tells him where the best places to hide eggs are. Walbit (right) is a walrus / rabbit genetic mutant who is an Easter veteran. He and Bunkey are a dynamic duo when it comes to egg hunts.

The eggs in this basket will soon be dispersed throughout the yard for the delight of all sock monkeys in Crystal Beach. The eggsploration will begin soon!

Bunkey and Walbit have a secret helper, Scarlet, who is donning her festive rabbit ears. She will hide all the above ground eggs, since she has eggscellent climbing skills.

Let the hunt begin!

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