Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Friday at the Bank

Sock Monkey Friday is a special one this week because it's Good Friday. That means Easter is almost here! Let the festivities begin. My pal Walbit (you'll learn more about him soon) and I are posing with our pal, Mr. Purple Peep. He looks good enough to eat, but alas, he's just a stuffed animal like us.

Mr. Monkey and I donned rabbit ears and posed with our lamb buddies, Clarice and Hannibal. I am riding on Clarice's back, and Mr. Monkey is hugging Hannibal the black sheep. Spring bunnies, eggs and candy surround us. This day should be called GREAT Friday!


willis said...

Love the bunny ears!

Anonymous said...

BM, why is Mr. Monkey wearing a skirt? And, come to think of it, hugging a sheep could be construed as pretty questionable behavior.


Big Monkey said...

Thanks Willis. They fit us pretty well. I don't see how they would fit a human's head.

I have been waiting for someone to finally point out Mr. Monkey's wardrobe choices. We don't judge him, we accept and embrace him for who he is.

What have you got against sheep? They need love too, especially the black sheep of the family...LOL!