Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Monkey... That Crafty Monkey!

Sock Monkey Friday at the bank proved to be a lucrative day. Cynthia gave me some really cool craft kits to keep me occupied. I spent the day and part of the night at home coloring in this wooden monkey using magic markers. I was extra careful to color in between the lines with no mistakes.

Here's my completed work of art . Gunther supervised while I created my masterpiece. I think I'll name this new friend Woodrow. He's a friendly monkey who likes to wave to everyone.

You probably noticed the fine bling around my neck. This was my other Friday craft project from Cynthia. I planned the placement of each bead with much thought.

To top off my day, another one of Laura's co-workers (Chrissy) gave me a banana. She said I was cute! Do you blame her? Here's to Sock Monkey Fridays! They are my favorite day of the week.


willis said...

Gunther looks mean!

Big Monkey said...

He's of German descent, so you tell me!