Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Night Out at Juan's Black Bean Cafe - A Taste of Cuban Cuisine

We went to a new restaurant last night called Juan's Black Bean Cafe because I was yearning for some Cuban food. Juan just opened a new location near my home, but he's had an established one in a nearby county for many years.

The platter in front of me is Laura's dinner (unless I demolish it first). She ordered grilled chicken marinated in mojo sauce, topped with grilled onions and peppers. Mojo is a citrus and garlic marinade which can be used with chicken, fish and pork. On the side, there's yellow rice and black beans (in the cup). The black bean mixture is actually soup which can be poured directly on top of the rice. Last, but certainly not least, are two plantains. The plantains are sweet banana cousins which are nicely fried and delectable to the discerning diner.

I know what you're thinking. Laura doesn't have a chance of eating those plantains with me around. Well, she was smart enough to order my own plantain platter. I was in sweet fried banana heaven!

If you've never sampled Cuban food, I highly recommend it.

Your Sock Monkey Food Critic,
Big Monkey


willis said...

Hey Big Monkey, aka food critic. I love Cuban food, also Cuban rum, cigars and coffee. I guess that pretty much covers all of my addictions. Perhaps I should move to Cuba. Come to think of it, isn't Hoda Cuban? Wow!

Big Monkey said...

The weather is nice in Cuba. I'm pretty sure that travel is still restricted, so you might need to move there via raft. I would leave from Key West, since it's the closest part of the U.S. to Cuba. When the Cuban refugees float ashore, you can return their raft to the homeland.

Hoda is Egyptian. You're way off again, Willis.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that dish looks positively scrumptious. If we make it to Clearwater this year you'll have to take us for a visit!

Of course, almost all food looks good now that Monica is in Nashville with the kids for Spring Break and I am living on cereal.


Big Monkey said...


C'mon, can't you order take out? Cereal is for breakfast, man!