Friday, April 17, 2009

Gunther's Ambush Makeover - Part 2

I'm here with Gunther for moral support. As you can see, he is terrified of the shaver!

"Ouch! My feet are sensitive!," Gunther cried out. There, there Gunther. It will be over soon.

He survived the "pedicure", so now Gunther watches tentatively as he receives his "manicure."

Unfortunately, to all of our collective dismay, the shaver was not effective on Gunther's rough spots. Laura plans to trim his threads with scissors gently. Gunther says he's all done, and no one is touching his paws again!

Gunther's ambush makeover was not very successful, but there will be another candidate for the shaver according to Laura. Should I be worried?


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Reminds me of any number of MD visits with the kids over the past 5.5 years.


Anonymous said...

BTW, did Gunther say, "Will it bite me?!" ala Ishan while he was cowering and whimpering?


Big Monkey said...

Gunther was just being a drama king. For such a large sock monkey he was quite the little baby boy!

willis said...

"torture device" -- you bet! Laura is taking this waterboarding stuff a little to seriously, I would say.

Big Monkey said...

She does rather enjoy watching us grimace in pain. It's like Guansockomo Bay around here!