Monday, April 27, 2009

Penn State Alumni Club Picnic 4/25/09

On Saturday we attended a picnic at Anderson Park for my Penn State Alumni Club chapter. Here I am on the picnic shelter sign. We scored a sweet location that was right on Lake Tarpon.

It was an extremely windy day. In fact, I was blown right off my perch on the sign! Maybe this is a good opportunity to practice my triple lindy Rodney Dangerfield dive.

I did a back flop onto the ground. Now I'm seeing stars!

OK, I recovered from my fall just in time for lunch. Mmm... cheeseburger and baked beans. Laura, hurry up and take this picture so I can dig in! Note the nice view of the lake in the background.
Did I mention wind? Yeah, I took a face plant into the baked beans. The photographer is way too slow. Unfortunately, there's no picture of me smeared with bean sauce. There was mass panic to clean my face before it stained. Here's to a weekend filled with spills of all kinds!

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