Sunday, March 1, 2009

Part 1 - New Trike

I was so excited to get my brand new "hog" this weekend. It's a Roadmaster red tricycle, fully loaded. I decided to give it a test drive on the Pinellas Trail near my home, which is a 34 mile former railroad track turned bicycle / walking path.

I'm being followed by a shadow sock monkey. I must pedal faster!

I have a custom designed plate in the back. It says "I Brake 4 Sock Monkeys."

I was happy to let my buddies Little Big Monkey and Socks hitch a ride on my hog.

Along the way, we picked up Kathie Lee and Hoda from the Today show. See Part 2 for pictures of our cruise.


SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

S'morey has been asking me for a tricycle.I told him he can't ride it on gravel.

Big Monkey said...

You should get one for him. Every monkey needs a tricycle.

Anonymous said...

Better be careful, BM, or you will run over your tail. And where (wear?) is your helmet? BM, you may lose your role model status with the kiddies.

Come to think of it, I'm going to help Meera and Shibu follow the blog. But I need to see better safety practices.

Your Biggest Fan,

PS - Couldn't help it. It's really Carson. But he likes Eminem.

Big Monkey said...

Carson / Stan / Slim Shady,

They don't make helmets in my size, and my noggin is full of pantyhose.

Let the kids check out the blog!

willis said...

Hey BM,

I signed up to "follow" you're blog so I wouldn't miss any of you skirt-chasing shenanigans vis-a-vis Hoda and KL. Funny, they don't appear to be on the tube around here. I guess by now those two bubble-heads may have figured out that you are a sock monkey, but that apparently doesn't necessarily disqualify you or Farcus as a potential dates. I would rec more intelligent, complete women like your human, Laura. Just my take.

Big Monkey said...


Thanks for following. What do you expect from KL and H? They are 2 dimensional... ha ha!

willis said...