Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crystal Beach and Tarpon Springs Art Shows 3/28/09

While my humans browsed the art show, I took the opportunity to enjoy nature. It didn't help that there were 30 mph winds at Crystal Beach, but I sought refuge in the live oak trees covered with Spanish moss. They create a nice canopy over the beachfront park.

Ahhh... if only the wind weren't blowing so hard, I could have fallen asleep in this tree hammock.

So many trees in the park, and yet so little time. I quickly swung from tree to tree while my humans checked out "Art in the Park."

I could stay here all day, but it's time to visit the next art show in Tarpon Springs.

The Tarpon Springs art show is located in a beautiful park along the bayou. There were thousands of people viewing all the skilled craftsmen's works of art. I sought refuge from the crowds by taking a break on this bench by the water. The view was beautiful, but within seconds of sitting down I was hounded by paparazzi! Two other photographers (besides Laura) started snapping pictures of me. They, and other bystanders, all wanted to know if I'm one of those traveling monkeys. It was rather amusing, and I invited them to check out my blog for more entertaining adventures.


Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

We get that silly traveling monkey question all the time. Somebody once asked if I was like a Flat Stanley. :(

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...


You're not flat, and you're a sock monkey. Those people are clueless!

Take care,
Big Monkey

willis said...

"Paparazzi." Pleeeeze! The photogs were just recording you as a possible new species, a freak of nature, something for the local alligator population to perhaps dine on!

Big Monkey said...

Whatever the case, I draw attention wherever I go. I am trained in alligator wrestling, so I dare one to come near me.