Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fleece Monkey Blanket

On Friday I received this awesome fleece monkey blanket from Laura's friend Cynthia. It's not even a holiday! I think it was custom made just for me. It's perfect for keeping warm on the couch while I'm channel surfing.

I wrote Cynthia a thank you note this weekend. The pen that I'm using was also a gift from Amy.

Amy went to Hawaii in January and brought back this cool pen for me. Can you see the monkey wearing a coconut bra and grass skirt? It looks just like the outfit my friend Mr. Monkey has been wearing lately. He appeared in the beach photos with me a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...


Pretty soon Laura and Mark are going to have to purchase a new house to hold all of you sonk monkeys and your paraphernalia. What a zoo!

Yuck, yuck,

Big Monkey said...

I can only hope for that!