Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And they call it Monkey Love... First Date - Part 1

I'm sure you'll remember my new four foot friend Gunther (or G for short) who arrived a few weeks ago. G is quite the sly fox. Can you believe he's already found himself a girl? What a smooth operator! G took his new gal pal Scarlet on their first date yesterday. They went down to Crystal Beach to enjoy the fabulous weather and scenic view. Here they are sitting on a bench at the Crystal Beach pier.

Scarlet is a bit of a showboat. She impressed G with her climbing abilities on the pier. He thought that she's as agile as a spider monkey!

There's some nice big rocks down by the beach where you can sit, chill out and watch the sunset in the evenings. The pier is in the background along with one of the many palm trees that scatter the shoreline.

The pair decided to catch a few rays during their date by laying out on this rock. They didn't stay long because Scarlet was turning bright red.

Scarlet was anxious to investigate the live oak trees in the park right next to the beach. They call it Live Oak Park for a reason. Check out Part 2 for their tree climbing adventures.

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