Sunday, March 22, 2009

Naner D. Pus versus Big Monkey

Many of you were introduced to Nanerpus during a Denny's Superbowl commercial this year. He has a less famous cousin whose name is Naner D. Pus. You'll find out what the "D" stands for at the end of this story. Naner D. Pus, just like his cousin, has an insatiable appetite for pancakes. This morning when Laura made a delicious pancake breakfast, Naner D. Pus sniffed it out from miles away. When no one was looking, he jumped right on top of this stack. "Mmm... I love pancakes!," Naner D. Pus said to himself.

Naner D. Pus let his appetite come before his rationalization skills. He should have done some detective work before breaking and entering into a house filled with sock monkeys (whose favorite food just happens to be bananas). You may have noticed that Naner D. Pus doesn't have any ears, so he didn't even hear me sneak up behind him in the kitchen. Ha ha... I'm going to get YOU, Naner D. Pus!

Just as swiftly as I could, I wrestled him to the counter. Alas, he didn't even get a chance to savor one bite of his beloved pancakes. His eight sticky tentacles, although quite menacing, were no match for my massive Popeye sized guns. I overtook him within seconds. As you can see, he is tapping out on one of my guns for mercy.

Naner D. Pus became a peel of the character he once was after I devoured his innards.

Naner D. Pus, I admire you for your spirit and unabashed love of pancakes, but my desire for bananas got the best of you. Here's some advice for the other relatives of Nanerpus out there. Next time you smell the aroma of pancakes, make sure that you're not entering the home of Big Monkey.

If you can't guess what the "D" stands for in his name, it's Dunderhead!


Noah said...

Good work, Big Monkey!

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...

Thanks Noah! That little feller put up a good fight though.

Lisa Kerr said...

"Dunderhead..." Spoken like a true Greiner!

Susie just gave me the SockMonkey website it! You've got your grnadpa's ability to spin a yarn.....I note that Uncle Bill has the same gift......

cousin Lisa

Big Monkey said...

Oh no, Lisa! You're comparing me to Willis. Now I'm really scared! I do think Grandpa (and Charlie the Mouse) would have enjoyed my adventures.