Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day from Big O' Monkey

Top o' the morning to you from my leprechaun alter ego Big O' Monkey. I'm here to bring you good luck and merriment for the day!

Me leprechaun friend Farcus (left) is a true Irishman with his shock of red curls. Officer Po Po (right) has taken the day off to participate in some leprechaun antics with us. Can you see our Irish eyes are smiling?


willis said...

Po Po needs to be out on the street making sure everyone is not driving while under the influence. Or perhaps he's also breaking the law???

Big Monkey said...

Po Po's underlings are taking care of St. Patrick's Day drunk watch. Po Po deserves a break after dealing with an attempted murder down the street this past weekend. Someone tried to beat their roommate to death with a guitar (no, I'm not kidding on this one)!

Anonymous said...

Margie and Bob will be thrilled to hear that!

Don't talk to any guitarists.


Big Monkey said...

I've already met a lot of the weirdos on my street because they come to my bank. Officer Po Po is protecting our house so we shouldn't have any trouble.