Monday, March 16, 2009

Gunther's Arrival - Part 2 - Driving Big Monkey

I may have had an ulterior motive when I told Laura to adopt G. Some wonder how I could allow a "bigger" monkey into my family. Four feet tall... hmm... that's big enough to... DRIVE! Yeah! I have my own chauffeur now. G is big enough to drive Laura's car! When she left for a walk yesterday, G and I took Blueberry for a test drive. I know the practical minded among you are questioning G's ability to drive. He does have a license. They issue one to just about anyone in Florida, which you can plainly see from the quality of drivers on the road these days.

Here's G giving his best impression of a punk teenage driver - sideways hat, arm out the window. G is quite the comedian.

Here we go! We better get out of here before Laura comes back!

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