Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Celebration at Peggy O'Neill's Irish Pub

Me leprechaun friends Farcus and Officer Po Po visited Peggy O'Neill's Irish Pub and Eatery last night with me. A fun time was had by all.

This is the biggest shamrock I could find in the pub.

The Irish sure do know how to have fun and bring good luck to all.

Erin Go Bragh means "Ireland Forever."

A leprechaun gets hungry after a fun filled day. Me belly is craving this hearty Irish stew with Guinness gravy.


willis said...

Where's Gunther?

Anonymous said...

He's in the stew.


Big Monkey said...

That is not very tasteful. Ewww! I'm no cannibal.

Gunther didn't want to overwhelm the folks at Peggy O'Neill's. It was early... they weren't drunk enough yet.

Anonymous said...

What you should have done for some laughs, BM, is to line up three of your identical looking sock monkey buddies in view of patrons heading for the facilities. You could have waited for particularly inebriated parties to stumble by, and then have Laura (hidden behind a bar table) say, "Hi angel, wanna go back to my place for some monkey business?" You could have filmed the zaniness (e.g.'Which monkey is talking to me?' 'Hold on, is it really only one monkey?' 'Wait, how is a monkey talking to me?') that would have ensued from the dazed and confused drunkards, and put the video on your site!

Oh well, there is always next year.


Big Monkey said...

I like your creative ideas Baboon Boy! LOL! We'll try that next year.