Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Thanksgiving Day Swiss Cheese Tradition

Every year for Thanksgiving, we make a green bean casserole which contains a block of shredded swiss cheese. This is a very tasty side dish, and I'll be sharing the recipe with you today. However, the most anticipated event prior to preparing the casserole is the placement of the swiss cheese tradition. During the course of the day while watching football and gobbling down appetizers, someone is bound to take a snooze on the couch. Normally, it's one of the non-busy humans, but this year it happened to be a sock monkey. The person (or monkey) who falls asleep gets the distinguished honor of having the block of swiss cheese placed as close as possible to their face without waking them up. Then photographic evidence is obtained and shared amongst all of the Thanksgiving guests. This year's winner was Billy Ground Hog. Gunther did the honors by carefully placing the cheese under his nose. He twitched a bit, and then resettled back into napping bliss. Gunther motioned me over quickly to capture these shots, just in case the ground hog would arise from his slumber.

Here's a closeup of the shenanigans. You might have noticed that the swiss cheese is resting on my fabulous sock monkey dish from Cracker Barrel.

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