Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michaels, the Knitted Sock Monkey, and a Big Surprise - Part 2

I tried to be upbeat and not show my disappointment to the rest of my sock monkey family. I tried not to sulk. I implored my Facebook friends to visit their local Michael's store, but I knew the odds weren't on my side. Then, something totally unexpected happened! Laura brought home a package that had arrived for me at the post office. What could it be? Let me take a peek inside.

A few seconds after I opened the box, a gray and cream colored head popped up and said, "Hi, my name is Roger." I stared at him in disbelief. Were my eyes deceiving me? Roger said, "Big Monkey, I heard that you met my brother at Michael's the other day. He was so sorry he couldn't come home with you, but he made some calls and, long story short, here I am."

I must be the luckiest sock monk in the world, or at least I feel like it today. Roger said he was originally planning to arrive on Christmas Day to surprise me, but he heard how sad I was after the rejection at Michael's so he arranged immediate transportation to Crystal Beach.

Roger told me that he has some really cool cousins in that book I purchased at Michael's. I decided to peruse the pages and earmarked the ones I want Laura to learn how to make. I think she needs another hobby, besides following me around and taking pictures.

Here's a closeup of this "Monkey Business" book. It includes both knitted and crocheted monks. I highly recommend it for all of my crafty friends.


Itsy said...

I was so excited to see that monkey at Michaels too. Luckily, I'm a knitter so I will be making my own. I bought the book and the sock monkey yarn. I also have the lighted sock monkey snow globes. Have you noticed sock monkeys seem to be everywhere these days? Target and KMart also sell sock monkeys now.

Big Monkey said...

Hi Itsy,

You are right about the sock monkey resurgence in popularity. It makes me so happy and means that our species will be thriving for decades to come. You are lucky to have a talented human who can knit. I'm working on mine...

babbler said...

Very impressed by your blog, I have gathered round all my slug friends and we are delighted to meet you! Thanks for stopping by Slug's Rest, I am sure to come back to see what you monkeys are up to next, probably alot of good monkey business, no doubt! Love, Mr. and Mrs, Slug

Big Monkey said...

Mr. and Mrs. Slug,

Thanks for stopping by, and I promise that there will be more monkey business in the future. BTW, I am impressed with your potato cannon abilities.