Saturday, November 14, 2009

1st Annual Run for Primates - 11/14/09 - Part 2

I decided to peruse the food table prior to the race. I'll take two of each, please.

Look at all these goodies! I have to wait until after the race to chow down.

Here's the t-shirt they gave Laura. I can't believe they didn't have one in my size. Well, it's time to get on my mark, get set... GO! Our race course passed right by the sanctuary. Laura and I heard some chimps cheering for us as we ran past.

Drum roll please... Big Monkey wins! I came in first in the pantyhose filled leg division. For my fine effort, I was presented with a gold medal and a bouquet of roses. Laura is honored to pose with the sock champion.

After my victory, I meandered through the park a bit. Some of you might remember the spring which my friends and I have visited before. All in all, it was a fine day! Laura finished 4th among the humans. Don't get too excited, there were only about 20 of them.


Carson said...

Good job, guys! Nice run.

Big Monkey said...

Thanks! Maybe you can run with us sometime. I don't know if you remember this or not, but there used to be a baboon at the sanctuary named Larry. I "adopted" him about 10 yrs. ago, and he sent me a Chimp Farm t-shirt and a personal finger painting. I told you about him a long time ago, and I think you got a kick out of his name. Sadly, I just found out that Larry died this year. :( At least the latter part of his life was more enjoyable because he used to be a laboratory animal before arriving at the sanctuary.