Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chef Big Monkey Prepares Lasagna - Part 3

After slaving over a hot stove for several hours, it's now time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. My tasty dinner consists of humongous slab of lasagna, tossed salad and garlic bread.

Just to make your mouth water, I thought I'd show you a closeup. I think I'll be in a lasagna coma after this meal, but it will be so sweet!

This has nothing to do with lasagna, but I decided to include a couple of random shots taken the following day of Karl and Gunther. This is Karl's favorite couch. Sometimes he likes to sit with a human. Sometimes he likes to sit there alone and take up as much space as possible. Sometimes a human might be sitting there and leaves to go to the bathroom, and Karl wastes no time in jumping up and claiming the couch for himself. I tried an experiment to see if it would work. Would Karl still want to sit on the couch, even if Gunther is there? You betcha!

Aren't they cute together? The red object by Karl is his stuffed lobster toy.

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